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March 5th, 2009 No Comments

Is your man blue because his hair is horrendous?  Probably not, but I bet you’re not happy with the situation.  Axe feels your pain and they want to help you out with free stuff and reward your man with a night out. ::

Go to the Axe Hair Crisis Facebook Page and write your story on their wall in this format:

“The girls at NonSociety sent me for your help.  My guy (enter your crisis here).  Axe please help!”

While supplies last, Axe will send you samples of product to style up your man.  If you go back to the page and describe your experience, Axe will send a $25 AMC gift card so you can enjoy a classic “dinner and a movie” date (He should absolutely buy you dinner for all of your effort on his hair.)

A note on the Axe products:  they’re actually really light and don’t have that overpowering Old Spice manly smell.  I brought home the “Clean Cut Look” Pomade for myself :)

(photo via The Sartorialist)