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March 6th, 2009 No Comments

Following are excerpts from a reader’s comment on our QOD board followed by my responses:


When the change was made, you guys said it would make the horizontal scroll easier by eliminating the need to also scroll vertically.  But it sort of did the opposite.   I honestly have to say that your blogs are the most difficult and worst designed I have ever come across. ::

Honestly, we don’t like it either.  We’re working hard (and within our budget) to make improvements.  I know we say this a lot, but be patient, stick with it.

In the meantime, you can always join tumblr (whether or not you use your own blog or not, it’s free) and then follow the tumblrs you love in the traditional vertical scrolling format.


QODs aren’t getting many responses at all.  Isn’t it better to let readers talk to you and each other, openly, about what they think of your sites and what they want to see?…The difference between e-mailing these concerns to you and writing them publicly is about feeling included and respected as a reader, and knowing you guys acknowledge our thoughts. 

You also stated the fact we have a lot of haters in the blogosphere.  They turned the QOD into a boxing match. Most of the people who provide positive comments prefer to email us so they are not subject to that negativity as well.  I acknowledge every reader who emails me with a comment or a question.  These days I have even been returning the nasty emails to show I hear their perspective as well.

We also feel that not reading other comments, good or bad, allows you to have your own reaction to our content.


I‘d like to see less of…smiley pictures in front of events w/o any real info.

Haha.  Yes, ok.  I can admit my content has been a bit light these days. But it’s just me over here, working my tail off on trying to make this a business too (another go-to excuse for us, but it’s the damn truth).  It’s hard to be working on sponsorship so we can keep this site up and make the programming changes you want (we all aren’t David Karp programming gods) and dive deep into a topic.  And honestly, that’s not what I want to write about at this moment. It’s a recession.  Most of what you read elsewhere is down-in -the -dumps serious.  It’s ok to come here and find a smile for no reason at all.  I started reading Julia’s blog not for any real purpose, but for fun, to see what she was up to…lip dubs, riding a Zamboni, wearing a tutu in the snow.  That stuff allows your brain to escape, if only for a minute.  

I promise to put more effort into actual content in the upcoming months.  You want it, you’ll get it.  Just so you know, my idea of actual content is hair dryer research,colonic videos, new foodie finds, and trend watching.  Amongst other things.  If you’re looking for something else, like breaking news, political commentary, or celeb gossip, pick up a magazine.  I promise you I won’t be offended.

We appreciate you guys that are hanging in with us. I read all of your emails, comments on TMI weekly, and most of the comments on the QOD and advice box.  You have a lot to say, so if you want an immediate answer, always feel free to email me directly.

Have a great weekend.