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“Paris Fashion Week is suffering from a major celebrity drought. Which means that putting Rachel Zoe front row at Ungaro today was like feeding a pack of hungry wolves. The paparazzi went nuts and I almost believed the crush was for an A-list star.”

March 10th, 2009 No Comments

— “Ungaro Pops, Doesn’t Break”  on Fashionista.com *

So funny because Rachel is a BFD at the Bryant Park tents.  Despite the clicking cameras, real fashionistas (Anna, Linda, Lisa, etc) know those flowing maxi dresses are nothing to swoon over. ** ::

* RZ note was mentioned before the commentary on the Ungaro collection.

**I still try to get as close as possible to analyze every inch of her ensemble.  Mostly I’m amazed she can look so fabulous in those over-sized moo-moos.  And, she always has AMAZING accessories.