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2 Secrets

March 13th, 2009 No Comments

Nila: I think this quallifies as a romantic gesture.

(Playboy) Dr. Brenner: No, This is only the beginning.

My secrets — I still watch ER because it feels like an old, comfy sweater. It’s not pretty, but you love it. And…I love cheese ball romantic lines. Especially when the bad boy woos the good girl. This must happen in real life or they wouldn’t put it in a tv show story line ;)

I had a model woo me once. Oh, he was hotter than hot and did everything to get my attention. I knew better, but just like Winston, he knew the squeaky wheel would get the girl. When I finally let my guard down and took him to an Eagles concert…BAM. Dropped me like a skank.

If you haven’t lived yet ladies, I suggest you learn from my stories. For those of you who have lived, you’re happy in your own skin by now but sympathize with my story.

Did I mention my “one that got away” is getting married soon?

That’s 3 secrets. Damn you ER.