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March 15th, 2009 No Comments


I’m a huge Nobu fan, but Uptown Sushi in Houston :: is closing in on my favorite Japanese restaurants.  You go to Koi for the scene more than the food; Nobu is delicious and reliable; Katusya (the original) makes me melt and I can wear sweats to enjoy it.  But there’s something about Uptown Sushi that keeps me coming back every time I visit Houston.

Who cares about edamame when you can have avocado wrapped in paper thin layers of rib eye in a sweet sauce.  There are so many specialty rolls I’m dying to try, but I can’t live without the cod.  Of course every Japanese restaurant has a miso cod, but this one is notable.  The sauteed veggies are crisp with a light glaze as opposed to other places that drown greens in a dense sauce.

There are a million places I love in Houston, and while Japanese is relatively a new passion of mine, Uptown Sushi has become a classic on my Houston restaurant MUST list.