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March 15th, 2009 No Comments

THE SUNDAY POST – By WinstonWolf ::

The First “Sunday Post” is penned by blogger Tom aka winstonwolfe of “Morning Glass.” You might know him as “RebloggingRebloggingJulia” but he has left behind the days of commenting on haters and now has a following for his unique voice on anything he feels like commenting on (usually music, sports, and politics).   Like all of us, he doesn’t want you to “take what he writes personal.” He’s opinionated, sometimes controversial.  That’s why I like him. 


This just in: Cops Kill, Marijuana Doesn’t.

Don’t agree with this and yet it also offers an opportunity to discuss, once again, why legalization has to happen sooner rather than later. First of all cops do kill, of course it happens, but lets not be that naive. Most of the time it’s in the line of duty protecting and serving the public from violent criminals. Occasionally there are instances of tragic mistakes. I would like to hope that the last category, the rarest instances, are because of prejudice or corrupt cops and are of a very, very, small number. Making & liking the simple statement that cops kill and marijuana doesn’t is irresponsible. Here’s why:

Marijuana does not kill. Unless of course you get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence and kill someone. Then it kills. I’m guessing there are other types of serious or fatal accidents that happen each year that might have marijuana as a factor as well.**

Marijuana does not kill as long as you do not count the thousands murdered last year, just in Mexico alone, by the drug cartels.***   

So when I read something simplified to a degree that it just isn’t factual, I have to say something. That said, I am for legalization and will now play devil’s advocate, in a sense, to what I was just saying:  

**Alcohol leads to many more vehicular deaths than marijuana does and tobacco leads to many more deaths directly related to its use than pot yet both are legal and make companies rich and generate revenue for the govt. through taxes. Why make it illegal to consume something that is less harmful than either alcohol or tobacco? This is always the easiest argument to make, aside from it’s medicinal benefits, in the, “should marijuana be legal” debate. Not saying “cops kill, marijuana doesn’t”.   

***Drug cartels, Mexican specifically, are a major issue to the security of citizens along the border states in this country. They are terrorists. Legalizing marijuana takes it out of that equation and means that those cartels are now trafficking in other narcotics. Take one major narcotic out of the equation and you would have to think that the amount of deaths or at least the risk would lessen. Cops would then be enabled to fight other crimes other than any that may be related to marijuana use.

Finally I’ll take my chances in surviving an encounter with a cop over an encounter with a drug trafficker any day.