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March 16th, 2009 No Comments

Gary V is a true evangalist, ladies and gentlemen.  Megs jotted down a few quotes from his SXSW speach to get you inspired.  ::


Gary Vaynerchuk was on FIRE at today’s panel. Here’s Mr. V’s pretty classic quotes: 

  • “You don’t think Abe Lincoln did some crazy shit back in the day? He did.”
  • “It’s about the people that are here, not the venue, not the city, not the damn convention center.”
  • “It’s about embracing your DNA. People are lying to themselves. They want to be something they’re not. If you truly understand who you are. You need to love yourself more.”
  • “If I was chilled just a quarter of a percent more, I would be more appealing to people.”
  • “If you’re a jerk, your intern is gonna Flip-cam your career to the garbage.”
  • “I love being up at 3:00 in the morning chatting on AIM.”
  • “Your grandparents didn’t build a butcher shop because Walter Kronkite said it was good. You have to hustle your face off.”  WTF????
  • “The work is when you go into the community and find your audience.”
  • “If you see something that’s wrong, talk about it.”

 My personal faves are the Abe Lincoln and Inten quotes.  SO TRUE! You know, ‘cause me and AL were tight.