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March 17th, 2009 No Comments

IT’S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT MAKEUP – 4 Tips to Freshen Up for Spring (photo by Andrew Flavin) ::

Spring is on the horizon, and it’s time to lighten up your look ladies.  Today’s TMI focuses on make-up trends to freshen up your face.  Less is more these days, so no more dark shadows and black cat-eyes. Your sun-kissed skin will need a little shimmer and a hint of pastel color to shine.  But let’s not forget the rest of you!  You want to have the right hair, scent, and skin to compliment your new maxi dress and bright lids.

Here are four tips to complete your Spring look:

1.  Slather it on! – Sunscreen is the key to youthful skin.  You know to put it on your face over your moisturizer and under your foundation.  But guess where you forget to put it?  The top of your hands.  The skin on the top of your hands is super thin and sensitive to UV rays.  Ask your mother and she’ll tell you, she would give anything for her hands to look younger.   Protect your hands from cancer and old lady spots with your facial sunscreen.

2.  Smell Sweeter Than Honey – Don’t throw out your old perfume, but shop around for a new floral scent to lift your spirits.  I’m sure you all have a gardenia, vanilla, or rose fragrance already, so explore honeysuckle, lilac, or tuberose.  Others might only notice if they come in for a hug, but you’ll find the new scent to be a treat for yourself.

3.  Beach Bum Babe – Try letting your hair air dry and then styling it.  While your hair is drying, scrunch it with your hands with or without product to achieve more depth.  Try out a “beach bum” spray from the drug store to spray on after your hair is dry.  Should you be putting up your locks in a half pony or a braid, consider hair spray to keep the fly-aways in place.  You’ll find this look gives your ensemble an air of whimsey. 

4. Scrub in the Tub – You’re going to be wearing sandals all day every day, so it’s important to keep your feet looking pretty.  Invest a few bucks in a foot file to scrub down your heels and toes in the shower.  Bonus, should you get to play footsie at the poolside bbq, your feet will be softer than a baby’s bottom.

Feel refreshed as you strip away the layers for the warm weather.  After the April showers you’ll be prettier than the spring flowers.