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March 17th, 2009 No Comments


When people used to ask me which designers I admired, Kate Spade was always on my list.  She started with one idea, wore it out, and then totally reinvented her brand.  That was my big plan with Moe.  While I did achieve all of the goals I set for myself, I obviously never hit Kate Spade status.

Despite how much I admire her, I have never purchased anything Kate Spade, 1.0 or 2.0.  (Impressive makeover, but still not my look.) Until today.  I found these super cute flats that kinda look like the Tory Burch pair I like ($265) AND will go with everything in my casual spring wardrobe AND fulfill the faux skin trend.  SCORE!  Where did I find them you ask:  Encore Designer Resale (aka Mom’s store) for $50. Previously worn maybe twice.  I put them on and left my Uggs behind (literally, I forgot them at the store).

Encore: 6415 San Felipe (at Winrock) Houston, TX 77057, 713-334-9327

So many cities now have designer resale stores.  I mean if Darien has 3, certainly your town must have one.  Check it out! Find a treasure for cheap.

**P.S. Sorrry for the foot pic, but today, better my foot than my face if that’s any indication…I’m wearing my Chanel scarf as an oversized do-rag and big sunnies to cover up as much as possible.