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March 18th, 2009 No Comments

New iPhone sounds AWESOME Megs! ::


My Favorite iPhone 3.0 Features

• Copy & Paste photos

• New Spotlight: iPhone OS 3.0 will allow you to search across all the information contained in your device.

• 3G Tethering: You can use your iPhone as a modem by connecting it to a laptop for internet access. Carriers will probably charge more for this feature. 

• Search in Mail, Calendar, and iPod

• Landscape keyboard: This feature will be added to applications like Mail, SMS, and Notes.

• Improved stocks application: Allows you to read related news when looking up stocks. I love this new feature.

• Shake to shuffle music: All you need to do is shake phone while in iPod application and it goes into ‘shuffle mode’. 

• Anti-phishing: Safari now warns you against sites trying to scam you.

• Voice memo application: Allows you to record voice or any other sound, another step towards killing privacy. 

• Push notification finally coming: iPhone OS 3.0 applications will finally be able to receive messages automatically the way Blackberry has always done.  

Try it out before anyone else, if you dare…