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March 20th, 2009 No Comments

Today is the first official day of Spring!

How cute are our outfits on TMI today?  I know, it’s a little matchy matchy, but I couldn’t help myself.  Let’s explore some of the spring trends in our ensembles shall we?? ::

Julia:  Bright pink is the hue of choice for spring as opposed to baby pink (sweater by Milly).  Boxed leg pants (by Bebe) are still in.  And Julia is sure to make clip on bangs hot.

Megs: You can really choose any bold, multi-colored pattern, but when seen with the entire Milly collection, you get the Marakesch inspiration in this dress. 

Me:  Tangerine was used on 4 out of 5 runways at Spring 09 fashion week as the marquee standout color.  I’m also wearing small chandellier earrings which are coming back with the influence of Indian style.