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March 22nd, 2009 No Comments

“This is weird because we hang out a lot,” she said. “We’ve seen each other naked.”  —Lorene Scarfaria::

I just finished reading “An Entourage of Their Own”  (by Deborah Schoeneman for NY Times) about 4 successful female movie writers who are all friends.  A friend of mine sent it to me and said, “this reminds me a lot of you girls.”  Below are a few excerpts.  She’s so right!

“[Diablo] Cody won an Oscar for her screenplay for “Juno.” [Lorene] Scafaria is the screenwriter for “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist.” If any of the 100 members of the Writers Guild of America who heard them speak on this recent evening wondered how the women act when they are not in front of an audience, the answer would have been, pretty much the same.”

“You can find them at work in their Laurel Canyon homes in their pajamas, or sitting next to one another at laptop-friendly restaurants. To see them gathered amid the dinosaur topiary around Ms. Fox’s swimming pool with their dogs (they all have dogs) is to see four distinct styles of glamour that bear little resemblance to traditional images of behind-the-scenes talent.”

“But not everyone loves these four women, and plenty are happy to say so (many of them anonymously). So among them there is also a battle-scarred camaraderie. “Whenever you have a project out in wide release, there are haters,” Ms. Cody said. “Blogs, imdb, Rotten Tomatoes, reviews. It’s a lot to deal with. When most people get Googled, they get maybe a Facebook page. When we get Googled, there’s criticism, bad reviews, commentary on the way we look. You need people who have been through it.”

“The Fempire’s solid front — all four wear the same gold necklaces with tiny heart pendants inscribed with words that can’t be printed here, gifts from Ms. Cody — seems to make some men nervous and envious at the same time.”

“Ms. Cody may be the best-known of the four, but she shares the spotlight.”

“Ms. Scafaria (Meghan) asked anyway: “They want to know what’s an average workday like for you, so I’m going to ask, what’s a non-average workday like for you?” Ms. Cody (Me) replied, “I cried four times today.” Ms. Scafaria (Meghan)said, “You’re very tough, but you’re very emotional.” Ms. Cody (Me) paused, looking out at the crowd, and said, “We should be drunk for this.”

The girls and I wear cz eternity bands on our pointer fingers.  Otherwise, it’s pretty dead on.  According to the article they get seven figures per script.  Obviously that doesn’t apply to us.  Right now… :)