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March 23rd, 2009 No Comments

On today’s TMI weekly, we discuss fun places you can go for a quick getaway.  We all need a little breath of fresh air to clear our heads, and you don’t have to cross the pond to do it. ::

I mention Charleston and Austin as quaint, southern, historical cities with great culture, food, and nightlife to keep you entertained.  The people are welcoming and the b&b’s feel like home.  And if you’re looking to get out of town, both offer smaller towns on the outskirts for a little peace and quiet. Megs talks about Santa Ynez which is my favorite CA escape just ahead of Laguna Nigel. (Check out the Santa Ynez Inn.)

As Julia points out, it’s pretty apparent I have no interest in visiting Chicago.  Here’s the thing, I always figured I would make it there one day for work and have the opportunity to explore all it has to offer.  I have nothing against it, but to me, vacation means getting out of the big metropolitan landscape and enjoying nature in some way.

Other places I’ve been to/heard are fun: Santa Fe, Park City, Atlanta, Montauk, Cape Cod, Vermont, Toronto.

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