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March 24th, 2009 No Comments

Have you heard of the Streamy Awards? Think the Emmys for original online video content.  This Saturday is the inaugural show, and I’m so excited to go! ::

I’ll be covering the event for Kodak, which is a little scary because I’ve never done the whole interviewing people on the red carpet.  But! I get to do it my way :)  Kodak will have their resident bloggers doing the traditional stick mic interviews while I will be floating around making videos with web celebs.  So basically I’ll be getting paid to do what I love.  Good times.

TMI was submitted, but unfortunately wasn’t nominated.  Check out the nominees here.  You’ll see all of the traditional categories, and then there’s “Best Ad Integration.”  You know what,  it deserves a shout out because it’s not always easy to incorporate products how you would use them and make the sponsor happy.

Let me know if there’s anyone you’re dying to see a video of.  Kevin Rose, Gary V, Felicia Day, Joss Whedon, Jake & Amir, and a few BFD celebs are nominated too (Eva Longoria Parker, Megan Mullaly, Rosario Dawson, etc).

If you’re in LA and want to be there for the first ever Streamys, you can buy tickets here.

Now what am I going to wear….

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