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Reader Lily’s List To Make Me Smile

March 27th, 2009 No Comments

Hey Mary, So sorry you have had a crappy day! I hope it gets better. I’ve made a list of things to be thankful for that hopefully will give you a smile amidst the stress. :: 1. You’re fabulous 2. Your mom is amazing and you have a great relationship with her. 3. You’re in LA (I think) which is warm and sunny 4. You have great friends in great places (all over the country). 5. You are a successful career woman who takes unexpected challenges like today in stride. It’s nothing you can’t handle. So, yea, hope that helped. :) Chin up! Lily Thank you for the sweet note Lily. Indeed I am blessed. And now I’m blessed and blinged out! Being a popular blogger should definitely be on that list. It is undeniably less stressful (and fun!) to shop for designer clothes without having to cringe while taking out your credit card. Now I’m off to my third meeting and running 45 minutes late. Tardiness makes my stomach turn. It’s so disrespectful.