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March 28th, 2009 No Comments

Just like the Emmy’s, they already took care of the boring awards, you know, to honor the jobs that take the most time and effort. ::

Jed Whedon, writer and maestro of Dr. Horrible, won for best original music.  The show itself won for best editing and cinematography.  I really should hope so with the top notch production team they have on the show.

To be quite honest, Dr. Horrible seems to be going against some of the main tenets of online video content with the big name actors and high production value.  There are several other shows with the same strategy.

I’m more of DiggNation and Amtrekker girl.  Show me a slice of life with real people being themselves.  If I want to watch Neil Patrick Harris act funny, I can watch him on tv.

Wow, I’m off track.

I’m very excited to meet Joss Whedon– exec producer and co-creator of Dr. Horrible – who is quite the blogger.  Although he can’t write one straightforward sentence, once you attempt to hear his voice, the nonsense makes you giggle.