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April 3rd, 2009 No Comments

An Real Life Example of Nutritionista’s 25/25/50 Principle ::


Joyce takes the prettiest pictures of her 25/25/50 lunches…


Today’s lunch, following the 25/25/50 rule again.

Starting from the left, clockwise: green beans & tomatoes steamed and tossed in a sesame marinade, greek salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, artichoke, onion, tiny bit of feta), grilled chicken breast slices, pasta salad with salmon & capers, other kind of pasta salad with parsley and unknown-but-pungent cheese. All courtesy of WholeFoods. :)

My box of food was actually pretty light, the total came out to just $5.75, which is about the price of a panini around here – but the option of getting lunch at a food bar offers a lot more variety. (I do admit I kind of love paninis, though.)