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April 3rd, 2009 No Comments

You would think  Meghan and I are scowling* at how horrible this Rebecca Taylor dress looks on me**, but we’re actually trash talking my ex boyfriend.

On today’s TMI we discuss whether or not you should let your new boyfriend be friends with their ex or if your ex’s new gf should allow him to be friends with you. ::

In my opinion, of course you should, you really can’t stop them and if you attempt to, your man will resent you.  But, as you’ll hear in the video,  my ex cheated on me, so maybe you should consider other options.

* For some reason I am scowling the entire episode, and I can’t recall why.  But damn I look upset.  My apologies.  Ask anyone, I have no control over my expressions.  These days I am trying to be more concious of it.  Perhaps more botox is in order to freeze my mouth into a big grin.  (Joking, joking, just joking.)