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April 13th, 2009 No Comments

GPOY via Gawker – My Favorite Post Yet!

It’s breaking news I like now like grapefruit!  This is exactly why I don’t read Gawker anymore.  Although they didn’t say anything negative in the post, gotta love that. (Google alerted me to the headline.)

But I will say the tags and comments under the post are worth mentioning.

TAGS: Facts, Mary Rambin, Grapefruit, Fameballs.  Standard ok. But then we get to: Fruitballs, Famefruit, and GraperRambin.  HAHAHHA

Then come the comments.  My favs:

“And on the third day, Jesus rose , saw Mary Rambin and returned to his tomb.” — formerly takes a lot to laugh

“Tune in tomorrow when Rambin meets her first Mexican!” — contradicto

“What’s up with that picture? I mean…Who the f*ck does aerobics in a parking lot?!” — DoctorEcks