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April 13th, 2009 No Comments

I have to say a quick thanks to the people who made More Than Mary come together…And really have been supportive in all of my recent endeavors during the tough times.

Julia, you’re always my loudest cheerleader.  Your support means the world to me.  And needless to say I wouldn’t be a blogger without your push in the right direction.  I promise to go into new things without kicking and screaming ;)

Megs, you’re my most persistent cheerleader that wants everyone to love me as much as you do. Your friendship warms my heart.

Mom, not really sure where I would be without you.  Probably on a trek along I-10 from LA to Houston because my phone died in Phoenix and I left my wallet in Vegas.

Bob, you’re my superman.  Thanks for always swooping in when my pride gets in the way.

That being said, Dad, without your brains I would probably be safe behind a desk climbing the corporate ladder.  Might be better for you that way, but I love the entrepreneur in me! 

Craig, you worked your tail off to design this site.  Your vision is beautiful.  Amazing work!

Andrew, I love how you captured the real me without exposing ALL of my flaws.  I gotta say, I was scared by your no Photoshop approach!

Sarah, Carolyn, G – you have amazing vision.  Thank you for always sharing your honest opinions.

Samantha, my intern, my love, you rock!  Watch out for this one, she’s going to make it HUGE!  Andrea, you are the best new asset to the team and I love working with you. Your eagerness to learn and dedication will make you a true success as well.

Frat House boys, Kitty Ball, Trey, Jacobean, Schnarf, Schmoop – You’ve always been there, and I couldn’t smile without you.

And finally, Megan, you are my entrepreneurial rock and amazing friend.  You keep me sane, you offer amazing perspective, and you tell it like it is.  Love you so much lady.