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April 14th, 2009 No Comments


Megs posted this video of Ashton earlier this morning discussing his desire to dominate CNN on Twitter. (Watch the first 20 seconds of it) Just as I was about to reblog it and tell you that Ashton’s twitter is one of my favorite things on the entire Internet (f-ing hysterical all the time), I checked his updates to find out Larry King wants to promote the AK beat down of Ted Turner.

Within minutes Ashton posts a Qik livestream video making a really good point: one little Ashton Kutcher is just as popular on Twitter as an entire media company.  Let that sink in.  Wow.

So what started off as a joke now seems to have some interesting implications. In terms of moral high ground, I would hope CNN would win out this bet and reach a million followers before AK.  But due to the fact Ashton’s twitter is so honest and funny and I smile (if not giggle out loud) every time I read it, I pulling for AplusK.

The Internet never ceases to amaze me! 


If Ashton Kutcher makes 1 million Twitter followers, he’s promised to ding dong ditch Ted Turner’s house in Atlanta when he’s there filming. Oy!