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April 15th, 2009 No Comments

Several of you have written asking why I left NonSociety.

To be perfectly honest with you, I haven’t addressed the issue because I wanted to see what your honest reaction was before my words influenced your opinion.

All of your feedback and emails have been so positive and supportive.  I can’t tell you how much that means to me.  You understand the hard work and effort I have been putting into my content for the last 5 months and really are able to relate to me more as a real person now.

Initially, when I started blogging, I really thought you only wanted to see the glamour and highlights of living an active social life in Manhattan.  I know, sounds silly looking back, but you know what they say about hindsight.

Criticism was flooding my inbox and my mind. Gawker was relentless.  I just couldn’t take it, so I ignored it.  But one day, I read something that made sense, it was honest and logical (which is really the only kind of perspective that moves me to change).  So I read more, and you were all right.  I did seem like a vapid, narcissistic person.  And my friends will tell you, that’s not me…well, all the time.

So I threw away the persona and put the real me out there.  It was so refreshing to let it all out.  I’ve always been honest, but I hadn’t been telling you the whole story.

And this is when I realized that you didn’t need me to be an “expert” on nutrition or fashion or beauty, you just wanted to hear my perspective, what I’ve learned, and how I pull it all together.  Whew, that’s a weight off my shoulders.  I know, this shouldn’t have been a revelation, but when I was caught up in the business and photo shoots and all the crap, I lost sight of the content.

Now, you’re asking yourself, when is she going to get to the good part about ditching Julia.

Well, I’m happy to report that’s not what happened at all.  Julia has worked very hard for the last 3 years building up a brand for herself.  That’s no easy feat.  NonSociety was her vision that she graciously invited Meghan and I to join.  Yes, we all started it together, but let’s not kid ourselves, we wouldn’t have accomplished what we have today without Julia’s big tutu (aka coat tails).  Forever I will be in her debt for introducing me to a world/career/passion I had no idea was living inside of me.

All of that being said, Julia and I are two very strong, independent women with drastically different visions.  And that’s where this new site stems from.  I’m looking to build something of my own (shocker coming from an entrepreneur). Julia, Meghan, and I are still very close friends.  We’re focusing our joint effort on TMIweekly and individually working towards goals we set for ourselves. 

MoreThanMary is about creating a building block for a bigger picture. In terms of this blog, I want to generate a space for my voice and opinions, but also let you hear the people who influence me.  No one navigates life’s challenges alone.  And I don’t pretend to have all the answers.  So I look to my friends. I’m happy and proud to be one of your resources for advice and inspiration.  And the introduction to my friends is another way for me to tell you the whole story.

Currently I’ll be exploring other options….in Los Angeles.  YAY!!! I’m finally heading west for good.  So if you know of any good apartments available, please let me know :)