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April 15th, 2009 No Comments


Meet Kathleen, our producer of TMI, who sees motivation in her passion for story telling and finds a way to bring those narratives to life.  As you’ll see, it wasn’t just luck of the draw.  She works her tail off! And, takes inspiration from herself and her environment, and applies it to her projects and goals.

Above is the behind the scenes look at the $99 Music Video she produced by pooling her resources to make shit happen.  You would never guess it cost $99 to make this video, and wait until you hear what they spent it on!  Watch out Hollywood.

Check out the video she made with Lowry here. Awesome! (and I generally do not like music videos)

Kathleen says:

It all started when I quit my job 4 years ago. I was working at a box office for a theater company and trying to be a theater director. But I woke up one day and realized that I just wanted to tell interesting, good stories while working with talented, fun people. It didn’t have to be in a theater, or on Broadway even.  Looking at all the video my friends were watching on the web (before youtube existed!) I thought, why not make a show for the web?

Making a web show is not easy.  In October 2005 I quit my job and started working as intern on a film. On the weekends, I shot my web show. I was working 60-80 hour weeks on set and then on the weekends I was directing/producing for myself. We posted our first episodein May 2006 on this new thing called Youtube.  I was exhausted. My hair started falling out. But I was the happiest I had ever been. I was working with my friends and doing something that had never been done before. I didn’t care if anyone saw it or thought it was good. Luckily, people did both. Now I’m working on TMIWeekly, developing my own work, and shooting things like music videos in my spare time. I am actually doing what I set out to do:  I wake up every morning and I try to make something good. Something that is better than me and better than what I’ve done before.  Way better than selling theater tickets.

Check out how she made her next video with Junk.  OMG, she can really think on her feet.  I wonder if this is harder or putting up with Julia, Megs, and I…