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Things I love about being southern – The MR Remix

April 17th, 2009 No Comments

Southerners can always relate to one another.  I know exactly what the two girls below are talking about.  I see the memories in my head. I’ve condensed the list of these two other Southern belles and of course I added my own adorations.


  • Sweet tea 
  • When it snows, even if it’s less than 1 inch, everything shuts down
  • The mountains are 3 hours away and the beach is 2 hours away
  • Fried pickles
  • Wrap around front porches and rocking chairs!


  • Hanging china plates 
  • Having at least one cookbook that was made by the local ladies at my Great Aunt Ruth’s church.
  • My grandfather calls me tootsie.
  • Using hot sauce on my food as often as salt and pepper.
  • I can crank my southern accent up or down, depending on where I am
  • Telling stories about growing up with goats and learning how to catch crawdads to bewildered Californians.

My list:

  • The phrase “all y’all” – anyone can say “y’all”
  • Pralines with Mexican food
  • Roadside BBQ stands where they ask you “ya ant it dip’d”
  • Beans made from scratch…everything made from scratch…with butter
  • Big trucks
  • Dirty cowboy boots
  • Bird hunting 
  • Ranch vacays