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Been There, Loved That – Cities

April 17th, 2009 No Comments

Cities I’ve traveled to (or lived in) I recommend you absolutely try to see before you…well, you know:

  • Prague — One of the only cities to survive the World Wars in one piece
  • Sevilla — A quiet Spanish gem that exemplifies the culture
  • Florence — The most provincial of the touristy cities in Italy
  • Milan — Experience true individual style amidst metro Italy at its best
  • Buenos Aires — One of the most unique cities I’ve ever seen
  • London — The food is better than you think and the history is limitless
  • Rome — You just have to stop in and see all the hot spots, at least for a day
  • Charleston — This southern gem is the whole package (history, culture, food, people, beauty) in the US
  • Portofino — My favorite stop on the Northern Italian coast (I prefer it to St. Tropez)

Note, these are the MUST-SEE CITIES of all the places I’ve been.  Of course I would love to mention places like Mendoza and Avignon, but those are less likely destinations for people to venture (although definitely worth the trek). 

As I review, I notice the good part about this list – I’ve experienced a lot.  The best part about this list — there is so much more for me to see!