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April 17th, 2009 No Comments


I can’t remember how long I’ve wanted to visit Australia.  For several years I kept promising Toby I would visit him in Sydney over the Christmas holidays, but it never worked out.  Finally a couple years ago, I had saved enough miles to make the journey in Business class, but alas, my domestic travel schedule picked up and those went out the window.

BUT! When I Google-imaged Australia for this post, I came across these two pictures.  And I thought, “I don’t like vacationing in cities, and the outback looks identical to Texas.”  So basically my dreams have been built on the experience of others.  Very unlike me…

I’ve always heard New Zealand was the prettier destination…

Either way, once I finally get there to visit Carolyn and Tobs, I’ll evaluate for myself.  I can’t say I’ve been on a vacation I didn’t enjoy.  Especially when I  have friends as my cultural passport to the local life (which is the best way to see any country).