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April 20th, 2009 No Comments

Total Body Rowing – Expert

During a workout, I like to utilize other muscle groups while focusing on one area.  Above, Roland (my trainer from fit in Houston) is totally showing off during one of my “Back” days.  Instead of doing normal rows which would usually have me on my hands and knees, he’s demonstrating a plank row to fully engage his core and get his chest, shoulders, and legs involved. This exercise is all about having strong abs to support your form. And you will be shocked at how much you’re abs will be begging for mercy on your third set.

Note: In the second picture, Roland is only half way through the movement.  His elbow actually pulls way above his back at the end.

The basic movement: Same knee and same hand (not elbow) on a bench.  Make sure your hand is underneath your shoulder.  Extend opposite other arm with a heavy weight and pull elbow all the way up while squeezing your back.