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April 20th, 2009 No Comments

Owen’s story about how Julia leaked my leaving NonSociety at SXSW is false.  And I have no problem saying the following statement is also absolutely not true:

“Rambin was the least prolific blogger of the three.” 

If you don’t agree, then look to the comments below where handfuls of haters who love to slap me around actually come to my defense.

Then there was this post about my departure from NonSociety.  Lame.  The only reason he wrote it was for his bonus check from Denton and to call me vapid.  

Hence the drunken phone call to James after a night out with my girlfriends.  I didn’t call him to get on Gawker, I called because we had so much fun bashing Owen a few days beforehand.  When I apologized for my drunken rant, James asked if he could post it.  Honestly, I thought they would have already done it.  After listening to the playback, I thought it was hysterical AND all factual.  I absolutely would shoot Owen in the scrotum if my aim was at all reliable, and I think he sucks as a writer.

Looking back, I should have posted it on my own blog.  Hindsight strikes again.