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April 20th, 2009 No Comments

Currently, I am broke and homeless.  Wow, I never thought I would write that.  

HOME: I haven’t signed a lease yet because I’m saving money and I haven’t been in one city for more than 14 days since January!  Hopefully, that all ends June 1 and I’ll have a cute spot for Mason and I in LA.

JETTSETTING: Travel is expensive, but I am lucky to have saved a ton of miles from my college days, and have parents who enjoy seeing me so they help foot the bill every once in a while.  When I travel for work, I include travel in my fee. (This has only happened three times – Kodak, Cisco, and Virgin America for a meeting).  If I’m working on a story or shooting TMI, sometimes I can get a media rate, but that’s very rare. I will be seeking a sponsorship from Jet Blue, Virgin America, Continental, or American airlines because travel is ridiculously expensive and these are my favorites.  (Although if Frontier flew everywhere, I would be knocking on their door too.)

WARDROBE:  These days I do pull from showrooms and return clothes for events and shoots.  Which I would actually think you would like because I introduce you to new brands, AND you get really annoyed when I wear something too often.

My mom’s store is actually my favorite place to shop.  Of course she gives me a discount (which she does for pretty much anyone who walks in the door), but remember, resale stores take clothes on consignment, so if I take something, the owner of the piece has to get paid.

FOOD: For the past 6 months, I haven’t been able to afford lavish nights out, and I’m grateful to friends who treat me to a cocktail or dinner.  Usually if I go anywhere notable, I’ll write a review to let you know if it’s worth your time and money.  Despite whether I actually pay the bill, I know money matters so I always take that into account when I tell you my experience. If the restaurant comps my meal, I always state that they invite me and thank them for their hospitality.  BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN I WRITE A FAVORABLE REVIEW.  Click here to see my experience with Marc Forgione of Forge.

Everyone always asks about my experience with BluePrint.  Yes, they give me free juice but we have no written agreement that I have to write about the juice, website, promotions, or brand.

MONEY:  How do I afford to do stuff?  Perhaps you’ve heard of credit cards.  Well, the reason I have no money is because I am currently paying them off and still trying to live a life that makes me happy.  Uh, yeah, not smart or easy.  So in the last year, I’ve transferred balances to No Interest cards I don’t use, and just recently cut up my last official credit card.  (I keep the Neimans one in case of emergencies.)  I’ve learned my lesson and now I’m cleaning up my act.  

INCOME:  Currently TMI is making money, yay!  But I will also be exploring new opportunities.  In terms of the blog, I would like to get two additional sponsors on board.  My wish list: Jet Blue, Dell or Sony, and a car company that I love.  These are things I enjoy using in my life everyday and facilitate my mobile lifestyle you love to check in on.  

I’m also looking to produce a new web series.  I have a handful of ideas I’ve been pitching to different content producers and I’m excited to start a new project.  

BOTTOM LINE: I think I’ve pretty much spelled it all out for you here.  So from now on, please let my finances be my business.  I don’t go through your check book or question your choices.  So if I want to buy a pair of shoes I can’t afford, say tisk tisk to yourself in acknowledgment that’s not what you would have done and respect the fact that I can make a decision for myself….wether it’s good, bad, or f-ing stupid.  We all make mistakes, but the most important part is that we learn from them.

I’ll try to do one of these posts every month so you can see how I’m doing in terms of personal progress.  Some of you have a genuine concern in my well being and I truly appreciate your support.