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April 21st, 2009 No Comments


My last night in New Canaan I spent celebrating Henry’s 9th birthday.  Nancy cooked dinner while I helped 12 year old Lily study for her Geometry and English tests.  Stop laughing! I’m a whiz at math (in high school I made all A’s in honors courses and placed out of college math).  As for English, jab away.

Henry’s celebratory activities included playing on his new hand held gaming devise (don’t ask me the name) while we all played Monopoly.  The world actually came to a standstill when I bought Boardwalk, but he negotiated a good deal later when I needed my last railroad.

After dinner Henry went for the cake face plant.  He needed a little coaxing, but was so pleased he went through with it.  Rock on dude.

Such a fun family night at home.  Kinda makes me want one of my own….But with the kids already grown up.  (Is that wrong?)