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April 23rd, 2009 No Comments


I’m obsessed with Almond butter!! It’s my new favorite snack.  No need for bread, jelly, celery (yuck), anything.  Just a spoonful is oh so yummy and filling when you just feel like you need a quick bite.

A long time peanut butter* lover, I was hesitant to make the transition.  But with the debate about how peanuts are one of the most difficult foods for your body to digest, I thought, let me just explore one of the alternatives.  BAM! One bite and I was sold.  Almond butter is so much yummier and sweeter than peanut butter I’ll never look back.

If price is an issue, check out the MaraNatha brand.  When comparison shopping, it’s one of the best buys for an organic butter (peanut, almond, cashew).  Also, double check the label because all natural butters aren’t organic.

**Peanut butter:  I know we all grew up on Jiff, but that stuff is so far from “peanut butter” it’s not even funny.  It’s packed with corn syrup and a bunch of other crap.  Make the transition to natural, after a few PBJ’s, you won’t miss your childhood favorite.