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Will Plan B Become Teens’ New Plan A?

April 23rd, 2009 No Comments

The FDA is going to let 17 year old girls buy the “morning-after pill” over the counter.

Huh.  On first glance, this seems like a mandate long over due. 

But on second thought, I can’t help but play devil’s advocate.  I’m all for women making their own decisions.  I’m not the type to have abused this privilege when I was 17.  But what about most 17 year olds? 

Do we think the average 17 year old will see this as a reason not to:

  • Take birth control (which supposedly packs on a couple pounds) when they are sexually active?
  • Use a condom when a guy asks her not to?
  • Abstain until she’s emotionally ready?
  • Be responsible for their sexual activity in general?

According to this article, women’s groups are thrilled while conservatives say this was a political issue.  Do you think this will lead to no age restrictions at all? What are your thoughts?