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April 24th, 2009 No Comments

Off The Beaten Path Vacations – Your Favorites

Adrien left Conde Nast Traveler in New Canaan so I snagged it to read on my trip to Houston.  Amongst the “Hot List” hotel and spa suggestions was a story called “Bad Reputation, Great Destination.”  The cities included: Bogota, Jakarta, Johannesburg, and Naples. Bogota?  Naples?  Seriously?

Two years ago I visited Cartagena and we thanked God we didn’t have to risk traveling through Bogota due to the cartel violence.  As for Naples, it’s a garbage laden, polluted metropolis against the background of beautiful vineyards and provincial charm.  Why waste your time?

The fact I can call BS on 2 of Traveler’s 4 makes me not trust their opinion.  But I bet you know a few diamond in the rough destinations. Summer vacay is getting closer by the day! What’s your favorite getaway?

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