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April 26th, 2009 No Comments

I got this sweet card from Georgina in the mail today. Inside it says: “Don’t even get me started on the imaginary universe we would create (thanks for making my real life sparkle).” G then added, “In my imaginary world we would also have the same size feet (preferably my size because your feet are clompers).” Me too G! Bottom line of the card was her wishing me well in LA. Which was kinda sad…but then I remember I’ll be back to NYC to see my girls (and work of couse!) once a month so it’s not so bad. I mean if we’re honest with ourselves, sometimes we only see good friends who live in the same city every once in a while…work and life steals time when we aren’t looking and that leaves less time than we’d like for friends. Hence why we all love Facebook. The bottom line always seems to be Facebook these days, doesn’t it?!