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May 1st, 2009 No Comments

Time for some DIY Inspiration!

Click through to see how many countries you can name in 5 minutes.  I discovered this link at work (shh!) and found it a great way to brainstorm all the countries you know and perhaps might want to entertain a visit to.  After your time is up, see your score and which ones you missed.  Careful though – the timer begins at the first touch of that mouse button.  And spelling counts here, kids.

…Too intimidating?  You can also try Naming All 50 States in 10 minutes.  I will admit I got stuck on 47.  There are 5th graders out there that are probably smarter than me. 

All in all, this totals a 15-minute Totally Suitable for Work mini-vacation at your computer.  Lemme know how you did!

(By: Nancy, Weekly Wanderlust)

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