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Little Corn, Nicaragua

May 1st, 2009 No Comments

WEEKLY WANDERLUST: Little Corn, Nicaragua, by Nancy

As a valentine to Lost’s 100th episode this week, I bring you what I believe to be the world’s closest approximation to the mystery Island.  Yes, I realize that Lost is shot onOahu – but as the third most populated island of Hawai’i, it doesn’t capture them mysteriously timeless, placeless essence of Lost that Little Corn has.

How did I find this Island? Through the wonders of the internet.  About two weeks before my trip to Nicaragua, a coworker asked what I was going to do.  When I mentioned only the Pacific side to surf, she replied, “Oh, I prefer scuba diving.”  I took that as a personal dare, then researched places where I could learn on the cheap.  Behold: Scuba Diver PADI certification for $195 (+ $35 manual).  Sold.

Less than 2 square miles in size, Little Corn Island has no streets, no motor vehicles and has only one short paved sidewalk from the pier.  The rest of the island is navigated by dirt paths that cut through sparse jungle.  When running around alone on the island I often found myself wondering – does this actually lead somewhere or was that just a patch of flattened grass?  And I even had an overdramatic incident where, I stumbled upon on a horse farm fenced in by barbed wire (to this day, I don’t know how I got there).    Paths I swore would lead to the community soccer field would cause me to miss the mark entirely.  But when you have nowhere to be and at no specific time (save for your scuba diving lesson!), you can afford to get lost.  That and I learned when all else fails: walk towards the sound of the ocean.

As luck would have it, I would end up catching a cold my second night and not be allowed to complete my training.  All the more an excuse to go back!

Helpful Link: WikiTravel – Little Corn Island