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Mary Mastering Her Mac – Lesson 1

May 2nd, 2009 No Comments

Mary Mastering Her Mac – Lesson 1 

I’m a pro at Photo Booth and screen shots, but there’s obviously more I need to know about my new Mac buddy.

Today, I went in for my first Apple One-On-One session.  You already know they offer free group classes to teach you the basics of your Mac.  But I have special needs (aka I want my specific questions answered) so I purchased Apple One-On-One for a little personal attention.  For $99, you can make an appointment with a trainer to teach you how to use your Apple product, help you with downloads, setting up accounts, anything you want FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR.  Kind of a no-brainer, especially for a new Mac user.  You can go in everyday if you want!  I mean, an hour at Best Buy is $149. 

Lesson 1: iMovie.   Meghan attempted to teach me at one point, but then she just ended up editing the whole thing (which is exactly what I would have done). 

There’s a new version of iMovie which is even easier than the last one because it shows you where and how long each element stays on screen.   And now I know how to use all of the fun features (ok, some of them)!

I’m not sure if this will lead to less unedited “lifecast” videos, but I feel liberated to not have to rely on someone else should I feel the need to cut and paste.

What shall I learn next…