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May 6th, 2009 No Comments


Here are your best suggestions for thoughtful and affordable mother’s day gifts.

1. Pictures of YOU!

Reader Sue says:

My mom is always talking about how she wishes she knew more of my city life – friends, where I work, things I’ve done, vacations I’ve gone on. I don’t share pictures online and forget to print them.

For easy uploading, distributing, printing, and creating albums go to KodakGallery.com.  Here you can share pictures digitally and send to your local drugstore for printing.

Take it a step further and keep your mom updated on you and your friends with commentary on a Tumblr.  It’s easy, and FREE for you.  This way Mom is always up to speed and knows all about your latest shenanigans.

2. Donate to her favorite charity

Reader Andrea says:

Donate 50 tulips and daffodils in Central Park in your mother’s name. The Central Park Conservancy has a Mother’s Day special through Wednesday 5/6: $1 per bulb, $50 minimum with a certificate included that’s delivered by Mother’s Day. You can still donate after Wednesday for $1.50 per bulb, $75 minimum.  

3.  A Walk Down Memory Lane:  For a gift that reminds her of a place or period of time she loves, try Etsy.com  

Reader Allegra says:

She deserves a present that reminds her of her favorite place that she doesn’t get to visit asoften as she would like.

Etsy.com allows you to search by location, so for under $100 I would buy her these dangly turquoise hoops, cute for summer, and something handmade by a Santa Fe artist, to remind her of her favorite place.

4.  Playing House:  Clean your Mom’s house top to bottom and top it off with a home cooked meal she could eat off of her shiny floors.

Reader Marlena:

I know this gift means a lot to her because when she was working through the hard times, she didn’t always have a chance to cook and clean to perfection. Now that my brother and I are old enough, we do it to show her that we appreciate how hard she has worked. 

5.  Reservations for Afternoon Tea

Reader Myha: This is a relaxing and elegant way to spend quality time with your mom! (at the St. Regis Hotel – $35)

6.  A Cool Breeze on A Hot Day…Or Any Day

Christina suggests pure practicality with this miniature fan.

Anyone who has a mom in her 50s will understand why this is the most thoughtful gift :)

P.S. A few other great prizes were sent in so all of the winners will have something fun for mom!


I jumped the gun and bought Mom The Magic Bullet because she asked me to pick one up for her on my way home.  Cheating, I know.  But I won’t be in town.  And, she threw me a lob, so I’m gonna knock it out of the park obviously!  Random, but I used it to make chicken salad one day.  It’s pretty cool.


Honestly, I think Meghan would truly win this contest with her creative concept.  Watch out for it on Wednesday’s TMI.