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May 7th, 2009 No Comments


Having Trouble Remembering your countless passwords for all of your accounts?

I’d like to introduce you to RoboForm, a free top rated Password Manager and Web Form Filler that completely automates password management and form filling for Windows. What I especially love about this application is it will generate and memorize strong encrypted passwords that hackers can’t guess automatically, and fill registration forms with one click. And if you need to back your passwords up, it can copy passwords between different Windows computers. Roboform works with several browsers including IE, Firefox, Mozilla, AOL and MSN to name just a few, is completely free, download from here: 


For MAC, 1Passwd is a FAB Password Manager and Form Filler for Mac OS X. Like RoboForm, it automatically generate strong passwords and stores them under a Master password, so you only have to remember 1 actual password to acesss all your membership sites. I downloaded the demo which allows up to 12 sites to be saved and took it for a spin. 1Passwd gives me all the operations that RoboForm offers and after registering the program, I was able to import all of Roboform passcards and all of the items Safari had saved in my keychain. 1Passwd uses its own keychain and has .MAC sync so that my iPhone and iPod can always have the current passwords. Safari has a similar capability built in, but there are some sites that Safari cant handle. But get this, if like me you have been a heavy hitter of RoboForm and are now migrating over to MAC, you can export all your passwords using the PrintList feature to export into 1Passwd, and like RoboForm, 1Passwd will also fill out forms. The only drawback, 1Passwd is $39.95, and can be downloaded here, but believe me, this app is totally worth every penny.