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Little Giant

May 7th, 2009 No Comments

Little Giant – NYC

Tonight, I invited the Meg(h)ans to the Lower East Side for a lot of vino and a little food.  That’s usually how it goes with the three of us.

I offered up a couple of my favorites (Frankie’s and Clinton Street Baking Company), but they insisted I needed to venture out.  So Meghan played LES hostess and took us to her favorite nook Little Giant.

She’s pretty particular so I knew the food would be good.  And when I got there I understood why she knew/loved it.  Little Giant is a classic NYC date place:  great food, intimate and cozy atmosphere, good wine list, and reasonable prices.  

I had no issue taking the place of whatever man had been there before me when I saw a $35 bottle of Malbec and several dishes that made my mouth water.  

Although they were out of their “famous” bread and butter, we we accommodated with a chihuahua-sized biscuit that didn’t disappoint.  And neither did our choices for dinner.

Overall, I give Little Giant a big thumbs up for date night, but not a MUST for out-of-towners.  

(Please excuse the picture, I tried to touch it up a little, but somehow I went too far and there was no salvaging it.  Just focus on the food.)