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May 8th, 2009 No Comments

LAST MINUTE MOTHER’S DAY GIFT – Art at it’s finest

You are your mother’s most beautiful and treasured piece of work.  You’re one of kind, hand crafted, and polished to perfection.  You are “blood, sweat, and tears” at it’s finest!  So what better way to show off her talent than by framing your gorgeous self for her to show off to all of her friends.

(hahahahahah, I could barely type that with a straight face)

Seriously though.  Upload a couple pics to the Kodak gallery or go to a Kodak kiosk to print out a great pic.  Both have editing features for red-eyes and you can tweak it so you look like you have a tan.  Score a frame at the nearest gift shop (or Marshall’s) and you’re gold!