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Walking around in NYC today I realize…

May 9th, 2009 No Comments

-Around every corner there’s an old memory. A good one, but for some reason that makes me sad.

-I know why people love NYC. In my heart, I love it too.

-A year in NYC is like living 2 years somewhere else.

-I’ll be excited to visit often.

-I should look up more while walking around.

-I miss my ex bf that I lived with in Soho.

-Walking takes more of a toll on your body than you realize.

-New Yorkers aren’t half as hungry or thirsty as they think they are.

-I’m exhausted. Like, completely pooped.

-Megs, I’m passing our spot across the street from Cips.

-Each neighborhood is so unique. It would take a tourist weeks to see it all.

-I’m so glad I lived here. The experience changed me forever.