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May 11th, 2009 No Comments


Casey is one of my go-to’s in the beauty industry.  She introduced me to Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree line, the PM hairdryer I love, REN, and the only scrub in the entire world I like by Caudalie.

So if she says this stuff works, I’m buying some today….or tomorrow.  After I’ve had a chance to sleep.

Plus…Ty likes it too.


I used to do PR for several haircare brands and received discounts for salon treatments.  Fast forward and here I am having to pay full price.  I know I know, cry me a river.

My hair is the one part of my beauty routine where I’m really willing to splurge, particularly for professional treatments.  Because color treated hair tends to fade, it’s crucial to get glossing treatments to keep hair shiny and polished and prolong time between pricey appointments.  Trust me, there’s nothing worse than dull, straw-like blond hair.  But at $50 a pop, my wallet was about ready to kick my ass for my haircare indulgences.

Luckily, a beauty editor friend let me in on a little $10 secret: John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze.  I knew that if a beauty editor who gets comped treatments at the top salons thrown at them all day long opted for a drugstore brand, there had be something pretty darn special about it.  I immediately got my hands on this frugal find.

This magical stuff is a do-it-yourself alternative to expensive salon visits that instantly gave my blond locks a color boost, made my roots less obvious (yes I already have roots…), and left my hair so incredibly shiny.  In fact, my at-home glaze has received so many more compliments than my costly salon trips.  You know what a clear topcoat does for your nails – think of this stuff as a topcoat for your tresses.

John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze is available in all color options, including a clear choice that only adds shine, not color.  I highly recommend picking one up from you local drugstore.  A quick warning though: the lovely Annie at Tractenberg PR cautioned to not leave the color glazes on for longer than the bottle says….or you will regret it!

Have you ever tried this John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze? What’d you think?  Have any other shiny hair secrets?  Feel free to share!