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May 12th, 2009 No Comments

You all seem to be up in arms about the fact that PR reps send me free products.

I thought I clarified this in my Transparency Policy….

But since it still seems to be an issue, I’ll break it down again.

I won’t get into the “this is how magazines have been operating for decades” argument.  That’s obvious.

First of all, you talk about brands more than you realize. It’s how we’ve been socialized.  Despite what value is attached to particular brands.  Think about how people call a soda “Coke” or a tissue “Kleenex.”  That’s a whole other issue, but do you see the point I’m making.  I just put a picture with my discussion so it’s clear what I’m talking about.

Beauty brands aren’t going to give me money; I’m not a big celeb who can really move TONS of products with an endorsement. Placement on my blog is more about brand awareness than sales.  Sales are a bonus. 

PR reps send me TONS of stuff, most of which never make the blog. I really only write about the ones I LOVE or HATE.

As I stated in my Transparency policy, there are several reasons to trust me.

1.  Without honesty, I’m worthless as a blogger to my audience and the brands.

2.  From reading my other posts, not about products, surely you can tell I’m a good person with genuine intentions.

3.  I have no reason to lie. It’s just makeup.

4.  PR reps want me to give my honest opinion. They have more than one client, so if I don’t like one and I say that, it proves I’m honest. I might like another client and that will boost interest for that brand because my readers trust me.

5.  I always tell you if the product was gifted (magazines don’t!)

6.  I’m not a liar. If you don’t believe that, then don’t read the blog.

I receive product for free because it takes time for me to use it and review it. If you think I want to try a million different things, you’re crazy. I would much rather enjoy a routine for a while. But at the same time, people are constantly writing asking questions about new things, problems they’re having, or bands they love they think I should try. And it’s my job to listen. I enjoy listening.

And finally, I’d like to address prices.  I write about products, clothes, whatever despite its price because it’s not my place to judge your financial situation, what you choose to splurge on, or when you decide to be frugal.  This blog is NOT about selling stuff.  Yes, I want to point you in the direction of things you can use in your life.  But please also try to see the educational value in knowing what else is out there in the world.  You have options.  You also have free will so you can spend what you want when you want to.

Thanks for listening.