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Interval Treadmill Workout

May 13th, 2009 No Comments

The spin instructor in me always wants the song on my iPod to correspond with my exercise.  So here’s a very cheesy Top 40 playlist of songs along with an interval workout to challenge your body.

Warm up Jog: You Found Me – The Fray
Faster Jog: Poker Face – Lady GaGa
Steep incline walk: Let It Rock – Kevin Rudolf
Intervals: walk then increase speed and run uphill for chorus: Stronger – Kanye West
Recovery Jog: G5 (who sings this)
Faster jog with chorus sprints: I’m Gonna Start a Fight – P!nk
Steep incline walk: Push – Matchbox Twenty

Fast jog: Tell Me – Diddy and Christina Aguilera

Cool down: American Boy – Estelle

You don’t want your cool down to be too pleasant because you’re about to start a workout.

**You can do the same thing on the elliptical machine.  Actually you have a few more options because you have more endurance, can sprint longer, and focus on isolating muscle groups (calves, butt, etc)