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May 13th, 2009 No Comments

Repetition = definition.  In other words, use light weights but do more reps and you will tone up that muscle group, keeping you lean instead of bulking up.  Yes, that’s right.

However, this does not mean you shouldn’t push your muscles to fatigue.  

One of my favorite ways to challenge a muscle group is to “super set” exercises. Let’s say I’m working out my pectoral muscles.  After a warm up, I start with the bench press using weight on the bar I can get 12-15 reps out of.  Then I grab two 3 or five pound weights and do 20-30 flies**.  Your chest will be burning by now so drop to the floor for abs or squats.

You can super set every muscle group.  Here are a few options, heavy weight exercise —> light weight many reps:

  • Legs machines —> squats or lunges
  • Shoulder press —> shoulder raises
  • Assisted pull ups —> rows
  • Bicep curls —> bicep pulses
  • Tricep pulls —> dips

After each set, remember to take a break.

**Flies: Laying on the bench, arms out in a T parallel to the floor, then keeping my arms only slightly bent, I bring the weight together over my chest.