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It’s Not All About Being Skinny

May 18th, 2009 2 Comments

“Your obvious body image issues would be one thing if you wrote about them honestly. But you just keep perpetuating these awful ideals. Mostly, that skinny = good. Your fitness tips and nutrition advice are cloaked in the superficial goal of looking good in a bikini. If anyone calls you out on it, you make broad statements like “all women feel this way.” No they don’t. Shame on you.” — Reader Cee

ME: I have never said ALL women feel any way. People write me all the time asking how do I stay fit.

So I tell you. Here’s where I put in the other response you hate: SO TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.

If you read my fitness and nutrition tips, you’ll see that the underlying message is not about how you look, but how you FEEL. Yes, both practices lead to a toned body, but my goal is to get you to realize that the physical benefits are only the beginning of a healthy lifestyle. Slimming down helps scratch the surface. The mental satisfaction that comes from a cleaner diet, your body’s internal strength, and purging out your stress is what will get people into a routine they actually enjoy.

“So all of your working out and weight lifting is working toward your goal of…. looking like a skinny man? Seriously. Put down the weights. Have a slice of pizza. Get some curves and some boobs and a little body fat. It would look good on you and make you look more womanly and attractive. Have you ever considered that you have body dysmorphia disorder?” — Reader Rachel

ME: If I ate all the pizza I wanted and didn’t work out, I would only gain about 5 pounds. Trust me, I’ve gone through those stages in my life.

I enjoy working out more for the mental benefits than the physical ones. You’re right in saying I don’t have the “perfect” female body, and I’m ok with that. Unless I got implants, my boobs aren’t getting bigger. And unless I ate constantly, I will never have big hips or an ass. That’s just the way I’m built. As for my body fat, it’s probably about 19% right now. The “average” woman is 22%, so I’m right on track for being fit woman. 

  • Delila

    Whats wrong with being slim? to the readers who resent girls making an effort for their bodies, at least some of us have the self respect to take care of ourselves and become the best we can be, dont resent us for it! if you like to eat pizza all day and become a lethargic, greasy, unhealthy person, knock yourselves out! I’m a healthy, curvy size 8 and although I love my curves, I would like to be slimmer just to be at my healthiest, so to me someone who has reached that goal through self control is to be admired. And in response to the cruel comment about Mary’s lack of curves, if you think that can be fixed by eating pizza then really lady you know nothing about womens bodies at all! So instead of putting people down lets embrace all HEALTHY womens bodies :)