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What’s the BFD with Mineral Makeup?

May 19th, 2009 No Comments

“The Beautiful Truth” – Jackie Danicki

Mineral makeup has been one of the hottest cosmetics categories of the
past couple of years. But does it live up to the hype? Yes and no is the answer. As always, it depends on your skin.

GIVE IT A SHOT: For dry or normal skin, go for the glow of mineral makeup.  It offers moderate coverage and won’t feel or look like pounds of powder caked on your face.

NOT FOR YOU: If you have oily skin or tend to break out, steer clear. Your skin’s

excess oil combined with the thicker texture of mineral makeup can
make for uneven color and a yucky surface, which can also lead to
clogged pores. Plus, the sparkle of most mineral makeups isn’t exactly
what you want when you’re already fighting oil slicks.

EXTRA HELP: Mineral makeup is great for those who have rosacea, as it can both hide the redness and contains so few ingredients that it can be less
harsh for those with such sensitive skin.

Finally, don’t think the SPF in mineral makeup is going to protect
your skin – unless you really lay it on thickly. Use a separate
sunblock if you favor a more reasonable amount of makeup coverage.

BOTTOM LINE: Mineral makeup isn’t necessarily better just because it’s
mineral makeup. Know your skin’s needs, do your research and test
widely to find out what works best for you.