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May 20th, 2009 No Comments


Lover Lay Down – Dave Matthews Band

So a friend of mine is currently getting to spend a lot of time with DM and last night we were IMing about how for our generation, a lot of his music seems “timeless.” I know it isn’t “cool” anymore to love DMB, but I will forever get excited about their music and hearing some of my old favorites, like this song. Simply beautiful.

I’ve cried about many a college mishaps and pseudo-heartbreaks to this song.

I don’t care if it’s not cool anymore, I want to hang out with Dave Matthews!!  I LOVE DAVE! In high school he was my “get out of jail free” celeb.

Come to think of it, I’ve always had a thing for musicians…before Dave, it was Anthony Kiedis.  Before Anthony, there was James….as in James Hetfield.  STRANGE!  I can’t explain either of them, but those were my crushes.

Dave never really left my system.  After all of his sexual escapades I’m not sure I would ever want to sleep with him, but a seranade would nice.