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Being truthful to others as well as yourself — Kyle King

May 20th, 2009 No Comments

“Being a “people pleaser” meant that I might agree to do something even if I didn’t want to. It meant being approving when I wasn’t. It meant saying what I thought the other person wanted to hear, then what was my truth. It meant not speaking up when I thought something was less then appropriate. It meant being understanding of something someone else was up to when I actually didn’t agree or appreciate it.

Kind of exhausting, actually…

Somewhere along the way and certainly as I distilled the information for the Amazon course it was evident to me that honesty would have to prevail for me to feel good about myself… and that feeling good about me was more important than others feeling good about me. Being manipulative was what it actually felt like, not kind or loving in any way.

Presently, people who are in my life can always depend on the truth from me, even if it’s hard to hear. I don’t ask prying questions or offer my time when I’m not called to do so or if it would be difficult to follow through with. There is a security that has enveloped me, the security of knowing that I don’t give up my truth to make someone feel good about me. It doesn’t provide me with anything but discomfort… and it’s pretty nice not having to do anything that I’m not totally into doing.”